About GOCA

   Global Outreach Charter Academy (GOCA) is a school where students from many countries and various cultural backgrounds can experience a safe, student-centered environment, with immersion in a foreign lenguage program that prepares participants for advanced studies at the high school and college levels. GOCA is a place where parents and teachers collaborate to ensure that all students meet high expectations in their personal and academic growth.

*Unique K-8 foreign language program
*Middle School Team Sports
*After School Activities
*Extended Day Program

 GOCA Vision Statement

   Creating a positive learning environment that fosters a culture of collaborations of student achievement and mutual respect.

 GOCA Mission Statement

   The mission of Global Outreach Charter Academy is to deliver a first-class academic program that offers a unique foreign lenguage and multicultural curriculum, preparing students to have an edge in global competition.

 GOCA Values

 GOCA values the exchange of ideas in a positive and respectful environment.  Our program is designed around four pillars:

  • Student academic success, using individualized instruction based on the Common Core and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.
  • Global awareness and foreign language literacy through real-world applications that develops cognitive skills, positive discipline and collaborative learning.
  • A highly qualified teaching staff who exemplifies compassion, dedication, and a commitment to shaping the lives of students and creating lifelong learners.
  • Empowering parents and the community to be full partners in the academic success of all students.


   GOCA reached an important milestone in it's history on March 18, 2012, the accreditation team of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) visited our school.  All members of the faculty, administration, and staff worked on committees for more than a year to prepare the evidence needed to demonstrate that GOCA‘s leadership, curriculum, instructional practices, resources, and facilities are ready to receive the distinction of SACS accreditation. 

   During the visit, the External Review Team visited classrooms and interviewed students, teachers, administrators, staff members, parents, and the Governing Board to learn about GOCA. The visiting team presented its recommendations to Mr. Soroka, Mrs. Anderson, and the faculty on March 20th. 


Special guest at our Music, Arts, Poetry, and Soup (MAPS) event, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Duval County Superintendent, at Global Outreach Charter Academy


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