Global Outreach Charter Academy is the first public school for foreign languages in Duval County.

Critical Language Education

At Global Outreach Charter Academy, all teachers are certified professionals and teach all core classes and electives in English. GOCA's distinguishing feature is that Russian is taught to all students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

GOCA is a charter school which complies with the same requirements as all public schools and upholds the highest academic and disciplinary standards. 

An Award-Winning Heritage

GOCA's educational model was first developed and field-tested in the multilingual melting-pot of Sacramento, California. The school now known as Community Outreach Academy (COA) pioneered a method of intensive training in the core subject areas with a special focus on Russian as a foreign language, making it a mandatory component of the school-wide curriculum. COA has won numerous academic accolades and awards, and has maintained its status as one of the most academically successful public schools in the Sacramento area for over a decade. 


Instructional Innovation & Autonomy

The founder of COA, Mr. Sergey Soroka, is also the founder of GOCA in Jacksonville, a school which places great emphasis on student mastery of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in all subjects.

GOCA's high faculty to student ratio guarantees that all students receive more personal attention and a more personalized educational experience than at a traditional public school.

GOCA places great emphasis on results and measurable progress, and strives to prepare every student for the rigors of advanced high school courses and a college education.  


Why study foreign languages?

In our current age of increasing globalization, the advanced economies of Europe and East Asia have become effectively bilingual, using English alongside native languages on a daily basis. In the United States, however, foreign language education has experienced a steep decline within recent years. GOCA's mission is to help reverse that decline, and to produce literate, multilingual and multicultural citizens for a more globalized future.

The world of the twenty-first century--the world of immediately subsequent generations--will not be an English-only world, but an advanced, multilingual, global society. While the majority of global citizens will still be monolingual, it is the multilingual speaker who will be at an advantage, with more options and opportunities of his or her monolingual counterpart. 

This organization does not discriminate against or tolerate the harassment of employees or job applicants on the basis of their sex, race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, age over 40, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, Vietnam era veteran status, or actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Esta organización no discrimina ni tolera el acoso a los empleados o solicitantes de empleo sobre la base de su sexo, raza, color, religión, credo, origen nacional, ascendencia, edad mayor de 40 años, estado civil, embarazo, discapacidad física o mental, estado de salud , estado de veterano de la era de Vietnam, o la orientación sexual real o percibida. 

Данная организация не дискриминирует или допускает оскорбления  сотрудников или соискателей на основе их пола, расы, цвета кожи, религиозных убеждений, национальности, происхождения, возраста старше 40 лет, семейного положения, беременности, физических или психических недостатков, состояния , статуса ветерана войны во Вьетнаме, или действительной или предполагаемой сексуальной ориентации.

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